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Push-back Racking

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Push-back Racking

Push-back racks can be built either on the basis of roller conveyors or on Saar Lagertechnik´s Carrier-Push-Back system.

Push-back racking works on the LiFo principle: the first pallet is loaded onto a wheeled carrier at the entry end and pushed back along inclined steel guide channels by the next pallet. The last pallet placed in the rack is the first to be removed. Saar Lagertechnik offer standard roller conveyor lengths up to 8 pallet deep; in addition longer tracks can be built as a special project.  
Push-back roller conveyors are also built using standard modules. Only intermediate modules are used since separation units at the entry end are dispensed with.

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  • 2 to 8 pallets deep
  • robust
  • compact- low construction height
  • compact-dense storing
  • safe-pallets cannot get stuck
  • safe- pallets move automatically by gravity
  • low slope – only 2.5% necesary
  • pallets can be stored cross wise
  • independent from pallet quality
  • rails galvanised – no abrasive wear
  • drive-in racks can easily be modified for cpb


 Einschubregal-05 Einschubregal-04

Stable welded construction. Flanged wheels with ISO-bearings. One pair of rails for each carrier garantees a compact design.

The first pallet is positioned on the heighest carrier. It is pushed back by the second pallet, which then is positioned on the second heighest carrier. The last pallet is positioned directly on the rails.