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Pallet rack

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Adjustable Pallet racking is a flexible system for storing pallets (DIN, Euro, etc.). This type of racking is especially suitable for large quantities and for bulky goods and can be adapted to every load whatever the weight or volume. The racking consists of beams, frames and various accessories: uprights, struts, diagonals, foot plates, supports.

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The design of the connector ensures that the beams lock positively into the frame eliminating the use of cross-bracing along the length or width. The pitch allows the height of the beams to be adjusted every 50mm. The beams are manufactured in box sections. Locking pins prevent the beams from being accidentally dislodged. The pallet racking range includes a large number of accessories, such as:

  • Cladding supports
  • Pallet stoppers to prevent slipping
  • Roller supports
  • Pallet foot supports
  • Stepped beams
  • Shelf Panels, etc.



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