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Pallet live storage

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Pallet Live Storage

With the pallet flow system, Saar Lagertechnik is covering a large range of applications to improve the overall performance of warehousing and distribution centers. From FIFO (First In First Out) to LIFO (Last In First Out) applications, from Buffer to Picking and dispatch lanes, Saar Lagertechnik always has the right solution to cover your needs.

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Brake roller


Brake rollers ensure controlled movement of pallets. They are placed in such a way that every pallet is constantly in contact with a brake roller. Brake rollers work on the centrifugal principle: the rotation of the load-bearing roller is transferred at a ratio of 1:12 by a two-tiered planetary gear. Revolving brake shoes are mounted at the exit side of the gear unit and are pressed on to the braking surface by the centrifugal force caused by the rotation.

The brake power is regulated by the downhill-slope force and is thus dependent on the weight of the pallet. Heavy pallets try to accelerate the brake rollers more than lighter ones thereby increasing the pressure on the brake-roller and consequently the brake power. Pallets with differing weights therefore move at the same speed, namely 0.25m/s.

    • Brake rollers are in direct contact with the pallet thus providing very high efficiency
    • Friction-free contact with the pallets
    • The top of the brake roller is 1mm higher than the top of the adjacent weight-bearing rollers
    • The configuration of the brake rollers allows them to be easily installed and dismounted so that they can also be used in the retrieval units.
The Separator
CocaCola Wakefield-UK02-separator



The Separatorseparates those pallets that are ready to be retrieved from the pallets behind thus making picking easier. Our mechanical Separators work in a similar manner:

  • The pallet at the front accelerates briefly and forms a gap between the pallets behind.
  • The pallet passes over a switch (lever plate) and presses it down.
  • This movement is transferred to a stopper via a lever-arm camrod.
  • The stopper moves from it initial position under the level of the rollers into a holding position approx. 15mm above the level of the rollers. The pallet behind stops at this stopper.
  • Saar Lagertechnik´s separators are built in such a way that that the pressure from the waiting pallets does not affect the lever plate. A very light pallet at the picking position cannot be unheaved by the pressure of the pallets behind.
  • The first pallet can be raised by up to 80mm without releasing the stopper.
  • The camrod is either free from pressure (Separator with knee-lever model) or can be subjected to tension (separator with direct operation model) so that no distortion can result from the back pressure caused by the pallets behind.

Saar Lagertechnik construct tailor-made conveyors designed to suit the customers´ special pallets.