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Pallet rack

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Mobile Storage

Compact and dynamic

Mobile storage Mobile storage is made up of traditional pallet racking mounted on mobile bases making it possible to open and close the aisles and offers the ideal solution to save space while still permitting access to individual pallets. Mobile racking is an ideal solution in cold storage areas, avoiding the cooling of unused cubic Request a quote


Mobile racks are operated manually (by touch pad controls on the base) or by remote control. The software for the controls can be adapted to individual requirements and can be linked up with existing warehouse management systems if desired. Light sensors fitted along the long sides of the carriages and at the end of every rack ensure safe operation. The light sensors naturally fulfil the requirements for personal safety within mobile storage installations.

Mobile storage is often combined with other types of racking e.g. for dispatch management.Mobile racks are guided by rails set in the floor. The rail system usually consists of two outer guide rails and several runner rails.