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Pallet rack

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Drive-in Racking

Drive-In racking is another way of improving space utilisation compared to conventional pallet racking. This is achieved by largely dispensing with aisles. Drive-in racking is particularly effective for storing large quantities of the same article since access to individual pallets is difficult. Drive-in racking provides much the same storage density as bulk storage but provides more stability for the goods.

standard components of our pallet racking system form an ideal basis for drive-in racking and with strut widths up to 140mm drive-in racking can also be used in high warehouses

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Important characteristics::

The connectors are simply engaged into the frames and can be adjusted in height every 50mm.
Every channel can be set at a specific height.
The connectors support the runners which guarantee that the pallets are placed in precisely the correct position.

Drive-in racking can be divided basically into three different types  depending on the application: racks served from one side, racks served from both sides as well as Drive-through racks. While racks that are served from one or two sides operate on the LIFO (last-in, first -out) principle, Drive-through racks operate on the FIFI (first-in, first-out) basis. Guide rails installed in the floor for forklift trucks protect the racking.


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