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Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever Racking

Storage for lengthy and cumbersome goods

Cantilever racks are perfectly suited to store unusually long materials and other cumbersome goods. Such materials range from light plastic tubes, steel pipes, profiles and wooden panels right up to massive coils.

All cantilever uprights from Saar Lagertechnik can be delivered single or double-sided and in any number of lengths. The cantilever arms are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate goods with different heights and weights. Alignment and adjustment can be carried out retrospectively without tooling. Should you need to store special materials or allow for particular space conditions, our consultant engineers will willingly prepare an individual scheme.

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Spitzentechnik im Kragarlregal Stütze

1. More robust:  CANTIPRO’S COLUMNS are composed of two Sendzimir galvanized steel profiles fitted together and riveted. The columns 32 folds provide it with remarkable rigidity and great resistance to buckling. Available in 8 sections creating 16 different types of column, CANTIPRO can be adapted to solve any storage, height or loading problem. Its slots enable the height of the arms to be adjusted in 75 mm increments.


2. Improved safety: Die durch zwei sich selbst blockierende, trapezförmige KEILE The arms fixed by two self-locking trapezoidal self locking pins provide simple and effective connec- tion and optimum load distribution. This exclusive patented system permits load distribution over a wider supporting area and reduces stress on the slots, unlike other systems. The design of the assembly permits excellent grip by the arm to its column guaranteeing absence of play (in accordance with CRAM document SP1120).

3. Longer, stronger: Available in a number of lengths and for loads exceeding one tonne, the CANTIPRO RANGE OF ARMS meets all the needs of professionals who need to store long and heavy loads. Available in the yellow RAL 1028 security colour, arms can accommodate different accessories such as stops, battens, stop-ends or reel arms.

4. Base: With a double ground fixing, the base provides the racking system with stability and also serves as a ground storage level. The base is fixed to the column by 28 bolts which provide optimal rigidity and solidity. Unlike welded systems, CANTIPRO can be dismantled. This makes it easy to transport and maintain: for exam- ple, changing a single-face rack into a double-face rack or changing the depth of an existing rack.

5. Bumper plate: The yellow RAL 1028 security colour bumper prevents the base being damaged by handling equipment.

6. Bracing: Composed of galvanised tubes, arranged according to configurations adapted to the load and distance between columns, CANTIPRO’s bracing system is simple, easy to mount on the bracing lugs and robust. Generally in a Z configuration, bracing can be installed in more elaborate configurations for specific installations: exceptional height, extra width between column or the use of roof court.

7. Bracing lug: CANTIPRO has an exclusive system which dispenses with the need for welded fixing lugs. This modular system which can be adjusted in 300 mm steps permits standardisa- tion of bracing solutions.


On request we also produce Cantilever Racks made of hot rolled universal beams

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