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Pallet rack

Storing Paletts :

If you are planning a storage area, a logistics centre ….. then look at our solutions for traditional pallet racking, drive-in racking, live-storage or sky-racking. Saar Lagertechnik will offer you tailor-made solutions after an in-depth study of the loads, the structure, stock rotation and the type of products that you wish to store. Your materials flow and handling such as the type and height of your forklift trucks (FLT) will be taken into account.


Adjustable Pallet racking is a flexible system for storing pallets […]

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle racking is characterised by the use of the […]

Pallet Live Storage

Dedicated channels of inclined gravity rollers guarantee the First-in, First-out […]


Channel storage systems are especially suitable for large stocks of […]


For automatically operated pallet racking special tolerances must be observed […]

Drive-in Racking

Drive-In racking is another way of improving space utilisation compared […]

Mobile Storage

Compact and dynamic Mobile storage Mobile storage is made up of […]

Plan your warehouses with suitable racking

The pallets are transported by FLT and placed on beams or on rails in the case of drive-in racking.
Drive-in racking enables you to store a large number of identical products with slow rotation. This allows you to optimize you storage area.

Made up of frames and beams with a large selection of different dimensions, Saar Lagertechnik pallet racking allows storage installations up to 10 metres high. Use the entire height of your warehouses and optimize your storage area with a skyrack.

Whatever your line of business we can offer storage solutions suited to you environment :
• storage components suitable for low temperatures in cold store areas
• storage for automotive parts
• conveyors complementary to storage in the E-commerce sector
• stainless steel rollers for agribusiness
• …..

If you wish to increase the density of, or to condense, your storage we can also offer mobile storage as a solution.
Our racking is placed on mobile bases equipped with an electric motor. The aisles are reduced thus making maximum use of your space. This is the easy way to increase your storage capacity.

In order to provide maximum safety and protect your employees our racking is manufactured according to European standards and is equipped with accessories such as upright protectors, safety nets …

Although our systems are modular they are also adaptable allowing us to work with you in the long term.

In accordance with the European norm 15635 your storage installation will be checked every year.

Make full use of the advice of our experts to optimize your material flow.