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Mezzanine Floors

Storage Platforms

Saar Lagertechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of storage platforms. Whether with a mezzanine or multilevel structure Saar Lagertechnik creates valuable space, e.g. for your storage or order picking area. Saar Lagertechnik´s platforms are successful because of their minimal ceiling thickness - even with high loads - and because their construction is light and variable and therefore particularly economical. The individual components have been developed over the years based on the experience gained with customers and correspond to state-of-the-art platform technology.


Multi-tier platforms can be constructed over steel structures. The steel […]

Mezzanine Floor System Proplus

The Pro System or the racking or steel structure serve […]

Steel Platforms

Multi-tier platforms can be constructed over steel structures. The steel […]

Optimize the surface of your building with a storage platform

Gain square metres of space without having to build by taking full advantage of the height of your building with our storage platforms or floor-overs on top of your racking.

With a mezzanine floor you create two independent storage areas and increase your storage capacity.
The PROPLUS LP 3 platform, designed in accordance with the Eurocode norm III, certified EN 1090 and stamped CE, is the ideal solution for your warehouses. A free-standing system consisting of uprights, beams and a wooden or weldmesh floor plus handrails, walkways, industrial staircases….

With a storage platform you can have installations with spans of up to 10 metres and a loading capacity of 800 kg/m² enabling you to use pallet trucks, order picking trolleys, etc for moving loads ….all your maximum weights and dimensions will be taken into account when calculating the structure.
Conveyors for dispatching packets to the order preparation area can be integrated into your storage platform.
This system is flexible and modular and can be dismantled and used for other structures.

Two-tier racking

A platform with walkways will allow you to increase your storage capacity or build one or two upper picking levels directly above the shelving below.
This solution is suitable for companies that stock uniform products: mail order or textiles, publishing…etc.
In fact, working on the upper levels is identical to working on the ground floor since the installation is a prolongation of the storage racks below.


A floor built over existing racking or shelving makes full use of the height of your building.
The platform floor is independent of the ground floor.
At ground floor level there are storage racks or shelving with the normal aisles.
The floor-over on top of the racking can be used as a storage area for pallets or for additional shelving.
The steel shelving on the upper floor can be different to that on the ground floor: layout, size, aisle width.

Take advantage of our expertise and know-how to find answers to all your logistic and storage problems.