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Experience from more than 100 years

1909 -1935

Ferdinand Göb sen. und Robert Göb

Ferdinand Göb

Hard work, creativity, dependability. The 3 major requirements for founding a company at the beginning of the 20th century, a “workshop for ornamental and structural metal processing”. The press of the day reported that the 11 metre high Bismarck Memorial in Frankfurt, an original copper construction by Ferdinand Göb was: “more original than that in the Berlin capital “. The “Pegasus“ copper roof and the vertical columns in the Frankfurt opera house were amongst the many commissions to come out of Ferdinand Göb´s workshop. Artistic expertise and skill pointed the way for the family concern into the industrial era.

1937 – 1950

Ferdinand Göb und Sohn

Ferdinand Göb and son

The uneasy period up to the end of World War II affected everyone. The economic miracle was not yet in sight. At this time creativity was particularly called for. It was a matter of survival. After the war Göb and Son made cooking pots out of steel helmets, activated their long-standing ties to the city of Frankfurt, to the Opera House, to the Festival Hall in Frankfurt and to the IG Farben and Höchst Chemical companies – there were many contacts and much to do. Beginning with manual fabrication and later using their own in-house tooling an impressive enterprise developed: Ferdindand Göb and Son. Market requirements directed their attention to products like bus stop posts and casings for watches and vending machines.

The 60s and 70s

Produktion site

Göb and Son manufactured metal parts and semi-finished products for a variety of industries including large vending machines for the Neckerrmann company. This activity in metal forming and metalworking led to an initial contact and finally to close cooperation with the Saar Handelsgesellschaft which had played a dominant role in racking and materials handling for years. Machine casings and metal construction from Göb and Son, racking and materials handling from Saar: in 1977 this became Saar Lagertechnik.

The 80s and 90s

Hochregalsilo: Börlind GmbH

Silo: Börlind GmbH

The systematic growth of Saar Handelsgesellschaft and Ferdinand Göb and Son soon made Saar Lagertechik a much sought-after partner when setting up an efficient and logical materials handling operation. The concept of having everything from a single supplier proved successful. From the initial idea, to the planning and the manufacture of turn-key projects including the acceptance of the work by the building authorities provided an optimal solution. The first high rack silos for high inventory levels with a perfect flow of goods were the result.

From 2000 onwards

Rollenbahnen aus eigener Produktion

Roller conveyors from own production

In the year 2000 we began manufacturing our own live storage systems – the optimal flow of goods in storage technology. 2004 we added the first custom-made racking segments with powered materials handling. This latest development in modern materials handling technique is integrated into the new intralogistics of today´s storage systems, materials handling technology and logistics. Customer-focused internal flow of goods at the press of a button. The pooling of ideas, know-how and creativity to be found at Saar Lagertechnik is, above all, a tremendous advantage when solving new problems in industry. We enjoy facing new challenges – time and time again.